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6 Coronavirus-Era Posters to Support a Safe Workplace

Organizations across the world are reopening their doors, putting their coronavirus-era policies and protocols to the test. These policies and protocols continue to evolve as our understanding of the virus grows and new infection trends emerge. Regularly communicating and reinforcing the application of these policies and protocols is often challenging. Assuming that your employees and customers are aware of what to do and what precautions you are taking to help keep them safe could put them and your business at risk. 

Communicating your policies and procedures in real-time and associating them with relevant actions or behaviors prevents employees or customers from becoming overwhelmed. This helps breaks down your new rules into consumable chunks that are more likely to be actioned. 

A simple, yet effective, way to do this is with posters. Just as restaurants have successfully done for years with handwashing, your organization can do so with your coronavirus-era policies and procedures. 

6 Free Print-Ready Posters

Marsh's safety professionals have created a set of posters that you can use in your workplace to provide clear direction to customers and employees as they adapt to your new coronavirus-era safety protocols. To use this signage effectively, post them in clearly visible spots in high traffic areas, such as the kitchen, restrooms, hallways, reception areas, and conference rooms. 

While these posters were developed in keeping with current CDC recommendations, it’s important that your organization regularly reviews CDC recommendations and adapts your policies and signage according to any newly released advice. Additionally, we recommend examining local, state, and federal policies with your legal team to confirm your organization's policies and signage are compliant with regulations. 

Proactively communicating your safety measures via posters throughout your workplace can help employees and customers develop better COVID-19 resilience habits and support the safety and wellbeing of all.