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Has the business continuity plan been properly tested before being mobilized? What actions should be taken now versus in six months’ time, and are there alternative ways of managing risk? Independent risk assessments, crisis management planning, scenario testing, financial feasibility studies, and outsourcing non-operations functions are some of the ways to help mitigate and manage an organization’s risk throughout the pandemic cycle.

Digital Consumer Solution
Non-damage Business Interruption Solutions for Epidemic/Pandemic Risk
Pandemic Rapid Response Advisory


Digital Consumer Solution

Organizations and employees during this pandemic outbreak likely experience restricted movement, and need to move to a remote operating rhythm. This has realized the potential of technology and digital solutions to different aspects of our livelihood, including insurance which safeguard individuals’ well-being through different products which are being sought.

Our teams are working in this digital space to enable safety and security through digitally-aligned and native solutions. This enhances our clients’ customer experience and provides a revenue opportunity to clients to expand your offerings and value-added services.

These solutions enable:

  • Securing protection in one click.
  • Paperless transactions.
  • Reducing administrative hassle.
  • Digitally-aligned solutions for your customers personal needs.

Non-damage Business Interruption Solutions for Epidemic/Pandemic Risk

With infectious disease extensions in Property Damage / Business Interruption policies being potentially reduced or excluded by insurers going forward, we can offer our clients stand-alone, dedicated Non-Damage Business Interruption solutions to protect against future Epidemic / Pandemic Risks.

Using triggers that do not require a need to prove individual financial losses, these policies can be structured for clients who operate in a number of industries including: Hospitality & Gaming, Manufacturing, and Mining industries. In addition, they can provide buy backs for this element of cover where it may be excluded within Event Cancellation policies.

Pandemic Rapid Response Advisory

During a pandemic outbreak, companies have little or no time to prepare, as they find themselves having to make decisions on-the-fly as the situation rapidly develops. These decisions can have significant impacts on employees, operations, shareholders, customers, and the future viability of the business. During this period, Marsh Risk Consulting (MRC) can provide Pandemic Rapid Response Advisory. This advisory places 'boots on the ground'  now to assist with developing a 30 day action plan, leading or becoming part of the business continuity / crisis management team, providing data and insights to assist decision making, drafting communications and making sure that the company has the full resources of Marsh at their disposal to get through the pandemic. 

We are here for you

As COVID-19 continues to affect how we all do business and interact with one another, we are committed to continue to deliver timely and relevant information to our clients and broader community. If you have any questions or would like to have a conversation about the impact coronavirus is having on your business, please reach out to your Marsh representative, or email us here.

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