Five key elements of an effective COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Posted by Kristy Nicholson July 13, 2020

A COVID-19 Risk Assessment can help identify where potential vulnerabilities are in your workplace, what’s causing the risk and what actions are required.

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Welcome Relief for the Aged Care Sector: Workforce Retention Bonus and the Impact on Workers' Compensation

Posted by Lyle Steffensen July 09, 2020

In May 2020, the Australian government announced a COVID-19 Aged Care Retention Bonus, but what are the impacts of this on a providers Workers' Compensation premium?

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The business of mental health in a remote working world

Posted by Sarah Brown July 01, 2020

Mental health risks in business have increased during COVD-19. Learn strategies for managing anxiety and stress in the remote workplace. 

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Is your organisation at risk from a COVID-19 scam?

Posted by Suzanne Hopkins June 24, 2020

Vulnerable organisations and employees are increasingly falling victim to cyber scams, phishing and fraudsters during COVID-19. Learn how to remain vigilant.

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Law firm professional indemnity: Navigating your 2020 renewal

Posted by Steven Loveday May 21, 2020

COVID-19 has created a challenging renewal market for the legal sector. We outline the challenges, particularly in relation to professional indemnity insurance.

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Retail and hospitality: Taking practical action in the face of COVID-19

Posted by Ron Tomsic April 22, 2020

As retail and hospitality businesses adjust to new realities in light of the Australian Government’s COVID-19 restriction directives, practical steps will help mitigate the impact.

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COVID-19: Insurance Implications for Financial Institutions

Posted by Richard Garside April 21, 2020

Assessing the initial potential impact that COVID-19 may bring on financial institutions and their insurance.

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COVID-19: Guidance on Trade Credit Policy Compliance

Posted by Ewan Berkemeier April 20, 2020

In challenging times, when there may be customers unable to pay debts, it is crucial for companies to familiarise themselves with policy terms and conditions.

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Asset Shutdown: Practical considerations for property owners & managers during COVID-19

Posted by Robert Gardiner April 15, 2020

Property owners and managers must take steps to protect their assets on idle or vacant premises during shutdowns due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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COVID-19: Cybersecurity Checklist for Remote Working

Posted by Kelly Butler April 14, 2020

With this Cybersecurity Checklist, learn how to better guard against cyber threats in the current remote environment.

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